Life Insurance

There is a lot more to life insurance than a death benefit

Permanent Life Insurance

Protection for life


Business owners


Tax sheltered growth

Permanent protection

Creditor protection

Enhanced retirement income

Intergenerational wealth transfer

Tax sheltered corporate investment

Temporary Life Insurance

Provide temporary protection, usually 10 or 20 years at a time.

Debt holders

Shareholders of companies


Group members

Low cost protection

Guaranteed insurability

Critical Illness Insurance

To pay a lump sum tax free benefit after diagnosis of a covered condition.


Provides a large tax free payment 30 days after the diagnosis of a covered condition.

Level cost protection that pays the owner 100% of premiums paid when they cancel the policy anytime after 15 years.

Term insurance that usually goes up in cost as you get older and has no cash back option.

Disability Insurance

Provides a monthly income of up to 2/3 of your income after you suffer a defined disability.

People that have an income to insure.

Income replacement and/or office overhead expense reimbursement.

Covers from blue collar to white collar, any occupation, regular occupation, own occupation.

Long Term Care Insurance

To provide a financial benefit to cover the costs of long term care in a facility or at home.

People requiring long term care to relieve the financial burden of family members.

Provide money to offset the cost of long term care.


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