If you are seeking to create a financial security plan, your top priority is likely making sure that loved ones are taken care of, should the unexpected happen.

With our services at Charter Wealth Management Inc., you can have peace-of-mind knowing that situations like premature death or serious and unexpected illness will not have a negative financial impact on the welfare of your family.

In addition to offering financial planning for families, we can also help business owners develop strategies that will keep their business running smoothly if an unexpected event occurs.

In order to create your customized financial plan, our team will:

Meet with you virtually or in person to discuss and understand the unique needs and goals that you and your family have

Create a snapshot of your financial situation

Implement a plan that includes strategic choices to reduce income tax liability and improve overall returns

Continually monitor and review your plan to ensure that it is effective

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“We have trusted our corporate and personal financial plan to Scott and Gord for many years.  They take the time to understand our current needs, and to consistently re-evaluate our future financial  plan as our lives and business change.  They are professional, knowledgeable, resourceful, and compassionate.  We’re very grateful to have them looking out for our future plans!”  


I’ll start off with Gord Malic is the best insurance advisor in the industry! I have known Gord for many years now, professionally and personally. Believe me when I tell you that if you are in the search for a person that will do what it takes day and night to give you the absolute best of himself and the financial services / insurance services,  Gord is the man. I have never witnessed or known someone to put in the hours that Gord does in the office. For Gord his career seems to be a more of a hobby rather than work, this kind of dedication is why he is just so knowledgeable and advanced in his area of expertise.  Every time I had concerns or questions Gord was able to really explain and get back to me in a respectable time frame. Over the course of many years that I’ve been privileged to know Gord he has become someone that I truly look up too, for myself being a man in his mid 20’s I’ve had lots to learn from Gord. We all have lots to learn from Gord.

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HK and KK
We appreciate the work that Scott has done on our retirement file.  He has gone to work for us to get the best portfolio possible.  

Professional and Caring

Very professional and caring company. They sat with me many times to help me direct my finances in the best way FOR ME. I recommend this business to my friends and my workers within my own business.


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Our clients’ needs are constantly changing, so we continually seek new and better ways to serve them.